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Learning Japanese made easy. Fully online course compatible with student-life and work-life needs. 

Why Us?

Learn with Fun

Many learners want to study Japanese to work in Japan, but often wonder how to start and where to approach.It can become daunting both for students and working professionals to study a foreign language.

Learning a foreign language is a journey. And the journey should be filled with fun and excitement.

We aim to make you learn Japanese with fun in an enjoyable and interesting way. Our 100% online Japanese language courses passionately developed by our experienced trainers are compatible with your student-life and work-life needs. Our course is designed with learning and practice materials to help you learn and track progress on daily basis. All our classes can be accessed online anytime and anywhere from your PC or mobile.


Courses on Offer

For students and working professionals


Understand Basics of Japanese

  • Learn Japanese scripts – Hiragana, Katana and basic Kanji (Chinese Characters).
  • Listen and comprehend conversations in daily life, classroom situations and speak short conversations.  

Duration: 60 days 

Contents: Kanji, Grammer, Vocabulary, reading and listening

JLPT Level: N5 


Speak daily life Japanese  3K

  • Learn and read basic Kanji (Chinese Characters) used in daily life
  • Comprehend and speak basic daily conversation and manage to travel around Japan

Duration: 90 days 

Contents: Kanji, Grammer, Vocabulary, reading and listening 

JLPT Level: N4


Read and speak Japanese  in everyday situations

  • Learn and read slightly difficult Kanji
  • Comprehend and smoothly converse in everyday situations at a natural speed and ability to read newspaper headlines.

Duration: 150 days 

Contents: Kanji, Grammer, Vocabulary, reading and listening

JLPT Level: N3

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Overview of Online Language Courses  

Fully video classes by trained instructors for class-room experience

Free study materials to learn and practice lessons by yourself

Planned daily tasks customized for students and work life

Study kanji and vocabulary with applied rapid learning tools

Online Learning management system accessible online 24 x 7

All curriculum compatible to JLPT certified courses

Get insights on cultural and communication skills

Organized flow of classes from beginner to intermediate level

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